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Kesar Mango Pulp

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Moon Lite Kesar Mango Pulp is manufactured and processed by extracting pulp of fresh clean and ripe mangoes picked at the suitable stage of ripeness. The preparation process includes cutting, de-stoning, extraction of kesar mango pulp. We follow standard techniques to ensure safe and hygienic production. 

Adya approved preserving techniques to keep our products rich in nutrients, flavor and taste. Our researchers and scholars use various techniques to maintain the quality standards of processed Kesar mango pulp. 

Our Kesar Mango Pulp is manufactured using best variety of kesar mango which is relatively rich in elements like calcium, phosphorous, iron, potash magnesium, protein, carbohydrates and vitamins, especially A and C and has low saturated fat. Kesar Mango Pulp is best suited for alteration in juices, nectars, drinks, jams, fruit cheese and various other kinds of beverages. It can also be used in puddings, bakery fillings, fruit meals for children and flavors for food industry, and to make delicious ice creams, yoghurt and confectionery.





Golden Yellow


Typical to Kesar Mango

Foreign Matter


Total Soluble Solid (TSS)

Minimum 16 Brix at 20° C

Acidity ( as citric acid)

0.4 – 0.6 % W/W

pH Value

3.5 to 4.3



Ascorbic Acid



MS Drum painted wide mouth with Aseptic Bag and poly-liner.

Net Weight

215 ± 1 Kg.

Shelf Life & Storage

18 months at normal ambient condition. Store in cool condition and avoid exposure to direct sunlight. Ideal storage temperature 4 – 8° C

Product name, batch/product code, net/gross weight, date of manufacture, storage instruction are printed on the label, affixed to each drum/box. The products are packed in an aseptic system with high quality.

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