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Basmati Rice

→ Traditional Basmati Rice
→ Pusa Basmati Rice
→ 1121 Basmati Rice 

Basmati is a variety of long grain rice, famous for its fragrance and delicate flavor. Its name means "Queen of Fragrance" in Hindi.
Basmati rice has been cultivated in the Indian subcontinent for hundreds of years. The Himalayan foothills are said to produce the best basmati. Although all Basmati Varieties are fragrant rice of highest quality, commercially, The Super Basmati, a premium variety from India The grains of basmati rice are much longer than they are wide, and they grow even longer as they cook. They stay firm and separate, not sticky, after cooking. Basmati rice is available both as a white rice and a brown rice

Basmati rice, a variety of long grain rice, is widely grown in India . It is famous for its fragrance and delicate, nuanced flavor. The word basmati means "the fragrant one" in Sanskrit, but it can also mean “the soft rice,” whereas the word coincidently means "my smile" in Arabic. Basmati rice is also known as "Prince of Fragrance" or “Perfumed One” due to its unique aroma. This rice has been revered for centuries and was consumed by the Mughal Emperors.

This variety of rice is differentiated with other varieties due to characteristics of aroma and elongation of the rice after cooking. No other variety of rice can match these characteristics. The elongation of the rice is twice the original length after cooking. Mouthwatering taste and rich aroma is found no where in any other rice. The outstanding delicacy of basmati rice make distinct from other varieties.

Rice Varieties - The exports include White Rice or Raw Rice, Traditional Basmati, Pusa Basmati & 1121 Basmati, Sella Basmati, Traditional, Pusa & 1121 Sella in Creamy and Golden form Long Grain & Medium Grain Rice (Sharbati, PR-11).
→ Color of this Basmati is creamy white and translucent.
→ Brown Basmati is also available
→ The Grain is can vary between 6.61 mm – 7.5 mm
→ Texture is dry firm, separate, non sticky and tender.
→ Expands twice the original length and do not fatten much post cooking.
→ Most outstanding feature is aroma, which is distinctive and arises from 100 compounds.
→ Flavor and texture complements curries, as the rice is drier rice and the grains stay separate.

1121 Basmati Rice
1121 Basmati rice is one of the amazing varieties of rice which is non-sticky. The rich and tempting aroma is irresistible. Mouth watering taste and the tender texture of the 1121 rice can be easily swallowed. India is home to this particular variety of rice and its being cultivated here for thousands of years. The unique fragrance and alluring taste have won many hearts across the world. It is nurtured on the rich Indian soil which has made this variety of rice amazing. We fulfill the needs of both national as well as International clients. Ours is aim to supply and export premium quality 1121 rice to high valued customers. This variety of rice is long in length, polished two times, extremely aromatic, and highly desirable for cooking. 1121 rice is available in varying packaging options to meet the diverse needs of clients. We never compromise on the quality and believe in loyalty.

Brown Basmati Rice
Brown rice is partly milled rice which is kind of whole or natural grain. It has nutty flavor which is chewier and nutritious when compared to white rice. The shelf life of Brown rice is less compared to white rice. Brown rice may have short grain or long grain and it is sticky. Though Brown rice was not liked by people, but the fact is that it is healthier. For time is consumed for cooking this rice but it is comparatively healthy and do not effect the diabetic person. 
Brown rice is richly blessed with several vitamins and dietary minerals. Vitami B1, Vitamin B3, Iron and magnesium contribute to make the Brown rice healthier. 

We are engaged in supplying and exporting premium quality Brown rice which is rich source of energy. This rice is resulted after minimal processing b machines, hand pounding or also in few areas spreading the rice on the road and allowing traffic drive to cross it. The separated husk is taken away by winnowing resulting in Brown rice. 
We are a leading exporter of Brown rice and meet the diverse need of our client, at national as well as International level. We are well versed with the advanced features which can make our clients satisfy. Brown rice is available in different packaging and at affordable rates.

Our infrastructure includes the state of the art fully automated and controlled mechanical processors to give precision prefect quality of each grain quality not only to satisfy customer needs but to delight them. We have team of highly skilled and trained manpower to handle quality control and paddy procurement involving high degree of quality parameters.

Starting from purchasing to the whole process up to the sales under go a number of quality checks. Quality manager of our company travel extensively through the paddy fields during harvest seasons and care is taken to see that only the best available paddy is purchased. The paddy purchased is properly dried , transported and stocked in the paddy warehouse.
Our Hi-tech milling plant every stage conforms to the international standards and stringent guidelines of process control and meticulously a hired at every stage to ensure uniformity of grain without destroying basic quality of grain.
We have packing machine of latest imported unit , which form fill and seal pouches ranging from 1 kg to 5 kg , we have our own printing unit of jute packing here we print all kind of jute packing for exports and domestic market.

Process : 
Paddy Cleaning : Paddy cleaning is known as paddy pre – cleaning machines. Machine has the capacity to spate paddy in term of their quality.
It ensures the removal of sand , mud , stone or any other form of dust particles. The Four stage process of soaking , cooking , drying and then milling follows the cleaning process. Now the paddy is sun-dried or dried with the help of machine drier and then milled. The husk is removed and then grain is polished. The parboiled rice gives a fluffy separate gain on cooking.
Soaking : The rough rice is soaked in plain water till it’s saturated for an hour. A good number of labours are employed to soak and dry the grain thoroughly. Quality is the watchword behind every stage of the process.
Boiler : About 5 Tons per /hr of paddy is boiled using the special STREAM BOILER. The pressure is altered based on the weight of paddy available to be boiled. The Boiler using pure steam ensures to remove the pungent smoke smell from the rice. After thorough boiling the grains are dried in machine followed by drying on land or machine drier.

Drying Process : drying is carried out in two forms namely.
→ Machine drying
→ Land drying
→ Pure steam boiler technology

All the grains are dried by either of two processes. The grains are dried for duration of 24 hours. The Next stage in the method of production in the use of which eliminates the pungent smoking smell from the grain.

Sheller : It removes the bran from the rice.
Whitener : This stage enhances the rice by giving it its shine. Once the whitener completes its job, it is again passed through the polisher.
Silky Polish : This stage enhances the rice by giving it its shine with spreading water and make the rice silky. Once the whitener complete this it is again passed through the polisher.
Grader : The rice grains at this stage all are edible and hygienic. The grader helps to apportion rice in terms if their shape and size. The work of the grader helps to pack the rice in terms of their quality.

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